City Secretary / Debbie Molina

Debbie G Molina has been employed with the City of Jourdanton since November 1995 as human resources and accounts payable department. She was appointed by the City Council in December 2008 as City Secretary, Tax Assessor/Collector (October 2002 to present), Public Management Officer (December 2008 to present) and she is also a member of Texas Association of Assessing Officers (April 2001 to present). Her responsibilities are maintaining and attesting to official records of the City, prepare agenda for all City Council meetings, keeps records of all regular and special City Council meetings, and issues information concerning actions taken by the Council and the Mayor. This position also serves as Public Investor Officer (September 1999 to present), City Elections Officer.

  1. Debbie Molina

    City Secretary
    Phone: 830-769-3589 EXT 102

  2. Physical Address
    1604 SH 97 East
    Suite A
    Jourdanton, TX 78026

    Fax: 830-769-2598